I have to say the most difficult part of becoming vegetarian or vegan comes with the lack of taste in food since many of us have grown with a typical diet where we have powerful flavors like mayo, cheese, milk cream, butter, etc. We all know they make everything taste great! But let me tell you, once you figure out how to make your own spread, mixes, sauces, etc., you start to love vegan food even more. So here is a pretty easy nut spread I made after reading diferent recipes and finding out I never had all ingredients at hand.

Asparagus-Almond Spread 

Soaked Almonds -1 cup
Asparagus – 3 or 4 medium
Water – 3-4 tbsp
Salt – Pinch
Olive Oil – 1 tbsp
Fruit Vinegar – 1 tsp
Pepper – To Taste


1. Soak the almonds overnight. There are quite a few reasons why we should soak nuts before using them, I will bring you a post on that soon! (if you are a good observer you can see the residues in the water)


2. Remove the water and add the almonds, asparagus, and water to the food processor and mix. Be careful with the water, this is what will give it consistency, if we happen to pour a little bit more it might not be a spread after all but a soup 😮 I prefer to add one tbsp at a time and mix checking for consistency.


3. Add the olive oil, fruit vinegar, salt and peper, and mix until there are no big crumbles of asparagus or almonds.


4. Use as dipping sauce, nut spread or any preparation in which you used to have butter, creams, or even mayo.

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