December is here! and yeah, all it’s joy, happiness, glory and off course FOOD! So, let’s make it obvious with this post!

I’m a peanut butter lover…nothing I can do about it :), but yeah I do have to be careful with portion control otherwise BOOM I’ll be eating all my calories from a jar! NO GOOD!

apple peanut snack1

So now that we have christmas here and everyone is concerned with their weight, body and everything that gets people stressed about everything they’ve worked on so hard this year, we are bringing healthy options to the table. This super healthy snacks are a must for sweet tooths, if you aren’t a peanut butter fan like me feel free to make it an almond butter. The good thing about this snack is you’re still having your fruit portion while you keep calm with your dessert. Believe everyone on the table will want more than one slice :).

Apple Peanut Snack (as many as you want)


  • Apples
  • Peanut butter (or almond butter)
  • Vegan chocolate chips (or any if you don’t mind)
  • Slices Almonds

Directions: remove the heart or center of the apple. Slice the apple into thin layers. Spread the butter on top and place toppings as you wish.

apple peanut snack2

Enjoy on this holidays! apple peanut snack3

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