Traveling is a privilege that becomes a great opportunity to open our minds, our beliefs, our behavior and overall our ability to enrich our lives. That’s why traveling for us beyond getting to know another place is the opportunity to submerge into the culture of the city. It is the opportunity to know how other people live, what is the reality for them and open the doors of our soul to it with everything others can teach us.

thank you paris

Today we want to share with you our experience in Paris, a city characterized by its amazing cuisine, an architecture full of history and coziness, inspiring in such a way you want to recreate years of history embodied in every corner, and well of course, the city of love :)

We started the day with a jog around the Eiffel Tower , you can read the whole story here. Then we started our search for vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Certainly I never thought vegan/vegetarian restaurants were offer in Paris as they are, and even products in supermarkets. It is a very friendly place for vegan or vegetarian tourists and by that I confirm the fact that when we travel it should not always be a reason to mess up our food habits with overeating and even more by eating things that we know won’t do well to us. If we look and search ahead of time, and we go deeper into the culture, out of 100% tourist sites I promise you will find great things. Here we share our visit to 3 vegan/vegetarian restaurants.

Gentle Cafe Gourmet

gentle 1

This restaurant is located just in front of Canal Saint-Martin. A complete vegan menu, no matter what you order. And believe me you might even doubt it when you order, but it’s all cruelty free. They have breakfast, lunch, dinner and deserts. They open from 9:00 am til 11:00 pm.
gentle 2

We had an amazing hot Chocolate, prepared with almond milk.gentle 3

SM order the famous french toasts, which where absolutely tasteful. gentle 4

I ordered a Musli cereal with hazelnuts and dates, and of course almond milk.gentle 5

We had a chocolate croissant before leaving! (yeah chocolate is also vegan) It was quite a lot of food specially compared to what we usually eat, but being thousand of miles away from home in a completely vegan restaurant is something we don’t have every day :)



This place we recommend only if you have been a vegetarian or vegan for quite a while. There is no intention of making plates look exotic or taste like out of this world. You will fin typical vegetarian food for a quite expensive price. If you are a very picky eater this might not be the place for you. Ambient wise we loved it, is relaxing and uncomplicated.


We ordered a “couscous’soy & Semoule de blé complet ou quinoa” in other words, cous cous with tofu and steamed veggies. A pretty casual plate, nothing special about it! Price: 16.50 euros


SM ordered a buffalo cheese and roasted vegetables entree (cucumber, eggplant, pepper etc) I tried a bite and I must say that this dish was really good.


Juices are a must in this place, because more than being a juice they are kind of a smoothie, refreshing and flavorful. All are mixtures of teas, fruits, herbs, etc.

Le Paradis Du Fruit le paradis2

We went pass this place but with this name we could not ignore it. We didn’t sat down to eat but instead we order a takeout smoothies. If you are passing by and want to cool off, they have a lot of options, they are prepared in the moment and you can blend any flavor.le paradisI tried one of red fruits with an energy booster, full of vitamins, SM ordered a green smoothie. The two were perfect for our long walks :)

We hope this story will be very useful, not necessarily to visit Paris, but the invitation is to open your heart disconnect of everyday life when you leave home and become willing to experiment. Not just when you are traveling, but being in the city that saw yourself grow, by seeking new places, visiting new restaurants, parks, mountains, etc. that you usually don’t. Not only will it help you clear your mind, but you will provide a new space for your soul to learn, grow, and above all, become a happier you!

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