The world in which we now live is certainly a very different world than that in which our grandparents, great-grandparents and so on, lived. The fight for gender equality has created countless standards for women that in the end look for nothing more than please man. And although today women enjoy many opportunities as men, there is something that’s lost it way and that is the way we worship the body nowadays.

Listening to my patients talk about their tortures, starving to death, freaking out because they don’t see the number on the scale go down, or even undergo invasive methods to remove those extra pounds, makes me think we often sacrifice our health for a mere social standard. In addition a recent action that also affects self-esteem has become the popular “BULLYING”, who has taken a high importance, and that is a reflection of the social pressure to which we are subjected. Today it is more common to hear people tell a woman she must lose weight than hear someone telling a man he has to shed that belly, right?

5 keys

I personally believe that worshiping the body is not a sin, in fact it’s necessary, since the body is the place where we live and the tool through which our soul is expressed. If we abandon our body we kill our soul. The point is that many times we keep looking for miracles and start comparing ourselves to magazine models, or to that woman who makes our boyfriend/husband crazy (well this applies vice versa, don’t think that men are not part of this story.) So in the search to reach this ideal bodies we lose our main goal and we forget that what is always at stake is our health, and somehow we are willing to jeopardize our health by a miraculous injection or to starve, because what matters is external and not internal. That’s how many live nowadays.

My invitation today is to reassess the measures that each of you take to achieve a weight or an idealized figure. If there is something we need to have in mind is that the industry projects bodies that fall into one of three options: 1. They are healthy bodies, but with photoshop they make them look more fit than they really are, remember that photoshop creates the impossible, 2 they are people who live from their body image and therefore while we work 8 hours in a chair, they are probably 4 in a gym, or 3. They are benefit by body genetics, and don’t get me wrong, this is not an excuse, in fact people with not very good genetics may create a model or a famous athlete body, but yeah, it takes them way much work work and sacrifices.

Because of this, and the society in which we live, keep in mind these 5 keys to create the body you want.

1. Your body is your temple, love it, take care of it and respect it.

The first step to achieving the body you want is to forget that your body SHOULD look like your idol. Your body is yours, and what makes it unique is that there is no other like it, so the most important thing is to accept it, and from there begin to build what you want for health, not aesthetics. The more you criticize more repulsion you will feel for it, and this is certainly not good for you or your mind (which of course, is outrageous to see in the mirror an image that is not), or your body because negativity feeds every cell of your body, so it is impossible to see what you dream if you keep diving in the wrong side of the pond.

2. Exercise is necessary, but is not the only key to being healthy.

A fit man or woman, who work out on a daily basis might look to the eyes of other as very healthy, but believe me from my profession it is very common to find some “healthy” looking bodies but very unhealthy on the inside, so aesthetics is not everything. It’s what we do with the body starting with food and daily physical activity plus exercise that creates a healthy body. These three things are essential not only to achieve a healthy body, but in are vital to mantain it without doing inhumane sacrifices.

3. Being skinny is not necessary healthy

Now the opposite of the previous point. It is very common to see women who physically look good, to which no one would attribute being overweight, but the reality is that while many look skinny their fat percentage is higher than 25%. Every body has an ideal fat%, yet its very common to see how woman prefer to starve to death than hit the gym or any exercise, and instead be skinny because they don’t eat, than be skinny because they have muscle mass and low fat%.

4. Starvin will not get you anywhere

Women! The biggest shoutout is for you, starving is more harmful to the body than many other diets. Not only do you start to suffer from outrageous anxiety every time someone passes with a dish of chocolate, but it also generates nutritional deficiencies. Every time you remove foods from your diet, or you avoid eating specific groups as carbohydrates, or you even spend all day drinking juices @ the office so you at least say your not starving, all you are doing is destroying muscle mass, depleting reserves of nutrients, and even worse you are diminishing your ability to think, perform well at work and be happy. How can anyone be happy while they starve at work?

5. If you want a toned body, work for it

Since when are abs of steal obtain with a miracle injection a massage or even surgery? Cosmetic surgery could make the occasional miracle, but if we bounce back to our old unhealthy habit, you will have lost you money in a couple of months. Besides sweating every muscle in your body is more rewarding than risking you live in an operating room so that through an unnatural method you ask the doctor to give you a model body. If you want that dream butt, those toned arms or those six pack, get up and sweat, dreaming is not enough.

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